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Frequently asked questions

How can I make an investment?

To invest on our platform, simply register an investment account on our website and proceed to fund account task bar to make payments.

Like a bank savings account, it enables users to earn compound interest just by assets deposit . The significant difference is that SmartCoinInvest is paying a hundred times more interest to their customers than banks. The loans are funded with assets acquired at the interest accounts. That's how monetization works.

The minimum period is one day. The maximum period is 365 days

Yes, interest is paid in the currency of your deposit. This means, if you deposit BTC, you earn in BTC.

When you deposit money to the interest account, we technically borrow your funds and paying you compound interest. Once the funds are deposited into the account, they start to generate profit.

Interest is accrued daily and deposited directly into your Interest Account on each day. There are no lockups. You can withdraw whenever you want.


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